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Methodology and Emphases of the Company in Working with Organizations

Results of measurements – to gain the commitment of the entire organization that is required for the project, the organization must establishes indices for progress in the project and make progress in the project contingent to achievement of objectives. The company mandates the achieving of the commitment and results agreed to at the beginning of the project as a condition for advancing from one stage to the next.

Risk – making the transition from stage to stage in the project contingent to achieving the agreed milestones and results minimizes the risk in performing the improvement project.

Cost – projects of the Company are result oriented, not cost oriented. Without results, the project cannot advance; the cost is offset by achieving the results and/or milestones.

Commitment to the required change – the Company makes the continuation of the project contingent to the critical support of the organization’s staff in performing the improvements required and the ability to achieve the agreed results.

Benchmarking assumptions – the basic assumption of the benchmarking field states that “there is always someone who knows something better than us and that we are willing to do everything to learn from them and effect the required improvement”. In view of this, if the organization is not willing or able to admit this and find the foci for substantial improvement currently in the organization and undertake to realize the improvement that has been identified, the Company will suggest that the organization does not start the improvement process at all.
The boutique method – the Company employs the boutique method in which it limits the number of projects that it is involved in, in order to allow for maximum attention to achieving the outputs agreed to in each project.

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