About Us

OHG was formed in 1997. The company advocates a working code  based on service and on personally involved in all of the leading of the project, issue and process from the stage of understanding the need to deployment in the organization.

At 2006 OHG become also a Platform for fund management with an impressive track record for sharing the added value of know-how and technology cooperation.

Our management team, located in Israel, Europe and the U.S., consists of talented and globally connected professionals who have extensive experience in investment, management, private equity, venture capital and incubation. Our team leverages its knowledge, connections, network and support to assist our partners and portfolio companies in seizing new opportunities for substantial growth.

At 2007 OHG established a technology based projects Firm; BO Technologies www.bo-technologies.com . The firm  focuses on Security, Communications and Technological Infrastructure solutions provisioning through extensive Regional Network of influential leaders in related industries.

Our ethos calls for:

  • Responsibility and personal involvement
  • Use of a proven methodology
  • Work with the correct parties in the company
  • Meeting predetermined schedules
  • Comprehensive experience and ability
About Us
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